Employee Spotlight: Leonard Smith

Leonard Smith

Chef Leonard Smith was born in Richmond VA, he took an interest in cooking at a young age, learning from watching his mother and grandmother cook for his family. At the age of sixteen his first job was a dishwasher at Roslyn Retreat Center where he observed the chefs and went home where he practiced what he had seen. Then the day came when the kitchen was short staffed and the executive chef asked could he fill in as a line cook. When the work day was over the executive chef told hime that he is no longer a dishwasher, Leonard is  the new line cook. Over the course of time his love and passion for cooking grew. Learning different tips and picking up techniques by working side by side with the executive chef. By the time Chef Leonard was eighteen he was promoted to sous chef, the youngest at the retreat. He was accepted to the Culinary Institute of America where he expanded his knowledge and perfected his craft in the culinary field. Chef Leonard worked at different restaurants, traveling the world and learning different cuisines. He used those experiences to start his own business as a private chef. His business includes event catering, bartending, baking and meal planning. We hope you will have the chance to experience his culinary expertise.