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Public schools, private schools and residential facilities. Serving Metro-Richmond and surrounding areas

One-to-one support in the public schools, private schools and residential facilities setting for exceptional education services with behavioral challenges.

Mending Fences offers Educational Service in the metro Richmond area and provides one-to-one support in the public schools, private schools and residential facilities to students with disabilities. Our objective is to provide structured support that will allow students to achieve academic and behavioral successes, thereby reducing the need for more restrictive placement.

An experienced and trained behavior aide ensures consistent behavior management by following the Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) and provides academic support by assisting students with mastering their goals on their Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Mending Fences recognizes that providing a quality education to some individuals with disabilities can be very challenging.

This service is most appropriate for students that may be at risk for more restrictive placement, as well as students returning to public schools, private schools and residential facilities following private day school placement, hospitalization, or other residential settings.

Program Goals

  • Identify, understand and resolve emotional conflicts by developing problem solving skills
  • Develop effective peer relationships skills, adaptive behaviors, and coping skills
  • Increase student’s academic and behavioral successes, as well as communication skills
  • Reduce current incidents of problem behaviors and encourage students to make positive decisions


In-school one–to-one behavior support is appropriate for exceptional education students experiencing difficulties in collaborative or self-contained settings in the public schools, private schools and residential facilities. Students that receive services include but are not limited to: intellectual disabilities, emotional disturbance, multiple disabilities, specific learning disability, other health impairments, individuals with autism and the autism spectrum.

Individual Support

Each student is assigned a personal Behavior Aide that accompanies him/her throughout the school day.

Behavior Aides are experienced professionals that receive ongoing training in behavior management techniques, understanding various mental health diagnoses, alternative methods for problem solving, physical restraint techniques, First Aid and CPR and current trends in special education.

Team Collaboration and Supervision

Our team consists of the Executive Director of Educational Services, Vice President of Operations Site Supervisors, Administrative Trainer, and Behavior Aides. The Behavior Aides are jointly supervised by the principal of the assigned school or designee, classroom teachers, Compliance Specialist, Site Supervisors and Executive Director.

The Executive Director serve as the liaison to the public schools, private schools, residential facilities and local education agency. To ensure quality services, they attend Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meetings, manifestation team meetings, and Family Assessment and Planning Team (FAPT) meetings if deemed necessary.

Individual Assessment

The Behavior Aide with the support of the classroom teacher implements behavior and academic goals addressed in the student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and Behavioral Intervention Plan (BIP).

The behavior aide collects data and writes daily observations along with weekly and monthly reports on the student to provide information critical to his/hers program revision.

Behavior Management

Mending Fences provides frequent feedback regarding student’s accomplishments and areas for improvement, as it relates to their behavior goals, on a monthly basis.

The Behavior Aides collaborate with classroom teachers to ensure that behavior management techniques are effective. Services are provided until it has been determined that students are able to interact, in a school setting, without the support of an one- to- one Behavior Aide.

Admissions Information

Children are referred to us through their school’s exceptional education department. Please contact Marian Parker Branch at 1-855-933-6723 or

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