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Job Readiness

Mending Fences - Job Readiness and Professional Development

Job Readiness & Human Resources and Professional Development Program

Mending Fences II Pathways 2 Promise Curriculum

I. Job Readiness: Resume’ Writing/References and Cover Letters, Job Applications, Mock Interviews, Email and Linkedin Tutorials, Dress For Success, Intimate Job Fairs, Financial Literacy and Social Skill Development.

II. Human Resources and Professional Development: Staff Training, Professional Development, Corrective Action Plans.


To empower citizens who desire a real need to be successful in the workforce by using of our curriculum, which will give them that support. We will focus on each individual’s uniqueness while developing a tailored fit program to help them achieve the opportunity at a career, financial stability, self-awareness, long and short-term goals while enhancing their independence. We are Dedicated to Improving Lives.

Program Outline

During this six-week course, individuals will focus on specific employment barriers. We will use a curriculum that’s designed to improve, soft job skills, cognitive thinking, understanding and learning how to deal with conflict on the job, time management and basic workplace professionalism.

Goals and Objectives

To network with area businesses, companies and government agencies (local, state and federal) to enhance professional practices for staff and employees to ensure they continue growth and delivering quality services in both the public and private sector.

Resume’ Writing
A. Introductory level on creating and development of a personal resume’ professionally with work experiences.
B. Create references consisting of post and current jobs, friends and professionals.
C. Develop a cover letter to highlight the personal and professional timeline of achievements.

Job Applications
A. Guided tutorials on filling out job applications, via online and hard copy.
B. Create a job profile on company websites to efficiently apply for jobs, while tracking applications and receiving emails for future job opportunities/postings.

Mock Interviews
A. Staff will conduct and facilitate job interviews to effectively equip potential hires to answer questions and dialogue with confidence during job interviews.
B. Develop hires to showcase attributes and highlight interpersonal skills.

Email/Linkedin Pages
A. Create and develop a personal email and Linkedin page for professional use.
B. Develop personal and professional achievements on the page.

Dress for Success
A. Staff will assist with tailoring appropriate dress attire for interviews.

Job Fairs
A. Quarterly job fairs will be developed with companies affiliated for potential future hires who complete the job readiness training.

Financial Literacy
A. Soft introductory in banking consisting of savings and checking accounts.
B. Short and long term goals with money management.

Social Skill Development
A. Facilitate curriculum on interpersonal skills in the workplace.
B. Implementation of self-esteem, concept and worth to improve on personal and professional growth.
C. Development of effective documentation and communication in the workplace.

Who is Eligible?

  • Applicants who are looking for the basic skills set to gain and sustain employment
  • Anyone referred by a Community Case Manager, or individuals can self-refer
  • Anyone interested in finding employment and physically able to work
  • Anyone willing and able to comply with classroom policy and procedures
  • Population served-16 to adults

Outcomes Measures

  • To be able to develop and apply basic soft skills and interviewing skills to sustain employment
  • To be able to understand and design a professional resume
  • Use and apply basic computer techniques
  • Obtain basic skills for occupational training

Career Fair
Mending Fences will organize job/education/trade fair for the citizens in Greater Richmond, consisting of local area companies, college and trade schools.

Follow-up/ Outreach
A pre and post survey will be conducted along with a data base to follow up with all participants in attendance to chart new employment as well as college or trade school enrollment.

Partners and Organizational Providers

  • City of Richmond
  • Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities
  • Optima Family Healthcare
  • Sports Backers
  • Massie Law Firm
  • Local Churches
  • McDonald’s
  • Ty’s Hauling and Paving
  • Dr. Leon J. Brown

For more information contact, please send an email to Zachary Branch at zbranch@local.test, or call us at 855.933.6723

Mending Fences, LLC is an equal opportunity employer and service provider. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to persons with disabilities.

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