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Professional Development

What is the important of professional development?

To prepare for tomorrow and learn innovative strategies for a better career.

Achieve Business Success

Perform better and be prepare for Advancement!


Ensure that knowledge and skills stay relevant to today’s economy.

We offer:

  • Employee Development
  • Personal Development
  • Career Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Power Skills for the Workforce

Mending Fences trains staff to interact with students positively and support each other as a team within the company. The training program allows staff to give feedback to the management team to provide quality services. As a Council for Exceptional Children member, Mending Fences has participated in several training and conferences. Journals such as Teaching Exceptional Children are used as supplemental resources. Teaching Exceptional Children Journals has given the staff research-to-practice information and different materials to use in the classroom with their students. Staff members are trained throughout the year in evidence-based practices and take online classes through Relias Learning.

Mending Fences has encouraged cross-functional training amongst programs and clients, which gives our staff the ability to effect change in the company and move up when the opportunity presents itself. Also, several employees have been given the first presentation to senior leadership, which has helped develop them professionally and cultivate our future leaders.

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