Mending Fences – About Us

About Us

Mending Fences Counseling Services provides a safe environment where clients can share their thoughts and feelings while being nurtured to obtain the highest academic and creative potential. The company and its staff creates a learning environment where all clients are provided comprehensive services to assist and incorporate learning and development in defining and accomplishing personal and social goals. Mending Fences operates with the philosophy that clients are challenged and motivated to excel in an atmosphere where they are accepted, valued and expected to succeed.

Our Philosophy

  • Educators have the most powerful impact on student achievement
  • Achievement and lifetime success are enhanced by appropriate goal setting
  • All children must be provided with a safe, welcoming, and protective environment
  • Engaged parents and guardians strongly influence a student’s academic, personal development and the family success system
  • A supportive community is fundamental to achieving and maintaining our success

Our Leadership

 Marian Parker Branch – CEO, Executive Director of Educational Services
As a transplant from Michigan, with 25 years in the field of education, Marian has a great passion for working with exceptional education students. She understands how programs and projects should be adapted and developed to match the needs of each student to ensure that they reach their learning potential. She’s able to assist her team with finding healthy problems solving perceptions bringing healing to people who have been through a stressful experience. She is committed to educating students, colleagues, families and the community through establishing strong connections.  After spending nearly, a decade working as an educator, administrator, and advocate, in 2007, Marian and her business partner established Mending Fences, LLC, a one to one behavioral aide service. Currently, Marian is the CEO of Mending Fences, LLC and has served in this compacity since 2007. She supports and directs all Mending Fences daily operations.  Her educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Grand Valley State University and a master’s degree in education from University of Phoenix, administration and supervision. She holds a Virginia postgraduate professional teaching license with an endorsement in serve disabilities, K-12. Since 2003, Marian has been an Administrator, Exceptional Education Teacher, Vocational Specialist, and IEP Coordinator in the public-school setting, private day and various nonprofit organizations as well as serving on the Multi-Disciplinary Team for Henrico County. She has dedicated herself to becoming a life-long educator and learner.  As an educational leader and advocate, Marian volunteers over 200 hours annually, helping families with life skills that are both practical and beneficial in their daily lives. Most recently, Marian and her business partner opened Stemtree of Midlothian, an Education Center which focuses on science, technology, and engineering aligning with today’s nationwide emphasis on STEM.  Marian continues to serve her community by sitting on Child Savers Community Board, as well having affiliations with several community organizations.


Zachary S. Branch – Vice President of Operations
A Richmond native, Zachary Branch has dedicated his life to family, youth and community programming. His service has assured that all children in the Richmond and Tri-city area are introduced to quality programs and become productive citizens. As a former Richmond Public School Teacher, Qualified Mental Health Professional, Football Coach, Mentor, Motivational Speaker, and a Conflict Resolution/Peer Meditation Counselor he has redirected many children to perform and excel academically and socially in school and at home. As a teacher he created a curriculum (R.Y.A.N.’S Legacy, LLC. Mentoring) which empowers students to have a sense of ownership and a desire to learn academically and socially. He has been working successfully with families, youth development and consulting in Richmond and Tri-city area for over 22 years.

Zachary Branch has created programs in the field of lifre enrichment, such as, teen advisory, chess clubs, martial arts, physical fitness/youth sports, and family empowerment workshops. Currently, Mr. Branch serves on the Optima Family Health Care Advisory panel, Board 90 basketball officials executive board, Cedar St. Baptist Church youth ministry, security ministry, men and couple’s ministries.

Tasha James – Administrative Services Manager
Tasha James, born and raised in Richmond, VA, a proud product of the RVA public school system. I am a strong advocate of continuing education and have received certification in youth trauma resolution and youth mental health. My 15-year career has been dedicated to service to the community and improving the lives of our youth, to that mission I worked in partnership with Mayor Douglas Wilder to develop the Dove Street Project. I spent 6 years working with youth in low income environments and I serve on the committee for children of incarcerated parents with Community Clovia. I am an active member of Metropolitan Business League, and conduct community outreach as a member of the prison ministry at Trinity Baptist Church. I am excited to be of service to the children of the Richmond area and look forward too many years at Mending Fences.


Schronda Brooks – Program Director
Schronda currently serves as the Program Director for the Stemtree Education Center, having worked in the field for 25+ years in several positions. Serving as a Supervisor for Therapeutic Day Treatment working with Behavior Modifications and Academic progress, she also worked as a 1 on 1 Behavior Aide and a lead Behavioral Aide for Mending Fences. Schronda has been a dedicated employee with the company since 2014, always upholding the responsibility of sight and sound supervision. Schronda has been a positive role model working with the City of Richmond for 30 years as a Lifeguard/Head Lifeguard and Pool Manager. Implementing her supervisory skills of overseeing six or more staff, also responsible for teaching swim lessons and maintaining pool operations to insure a safe environment for inner city communities. Schronda continued her desire to work with the community as a part time Program Leader at the Richmond Boys and Girls Club, continuing her professionalism and leadership skills aspiring today’s youth, implementing educational and employment skills for the future.
Schronda also provides Lawn Care Services as an entrepreneur, providing seasonal services for the past 5 years in the city of Richmond and surrounding areas.

Philip S. Moore – Administrative Trainer
Philip Moore was born in the Bronx, New York and eventually moved with his family to Hillside, NJ. In 1995, he graduated from Hillside High School and then in 1996, he matriculated to higher education at Virginia State University. After leaving VSU in 1998, he returned in 2012 graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in HPERD, with a concentration in Sports Management. His professional career includes 2 & 15-year stints with the YMCA and Richmond Public Schools respectively. At the YMCA, Mr. Moore was a before and after school Child Counselor. During his stint with Richmond Public Schools, Mr. Moore worked in a number of schools. Due to his strong work ethic and job performance he was used in multiple capacities, which included 1-to-1 Behavior Aide. This time in his career set him up to be successful with his current employer, Mending Fences LLC. In a short period of time Mr. Moore has proven to be an asset as a 1-to-1 Behavior Aide Counselor. In two years’ time, Mr. Moore was promoted to Site Supervisor, overseeing 20 plus staff persons at a number of schools. He was then promoted to his current position as Administrative Trainer where he facilitates all training methods for each business arm of Mending Fences LLC. It is his goal to help them maximize their potential and caused them become premier professional employee.