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Marian Parker Branch


As a transplant from Michigan, with 25 years in the field of education, Marian has a great passion for working with exceptional education students. She understands how programs and projects should be adapted and developed to match the needs of each student to ensure that they reach their learning potential. She’s able to assist her team with finding healthy problems solving perceptions bringing healing to people who have been through a stressful experience. She is committed to educating students, colleagues, families and the community through establishing strong connections.  After spending nearly, a decade working as an educator, administrator, and advocate, in 2007, Marian and her business partner established Mending Fences, LLC, a one to one behavioral aide service.

Currently, Marian is the CEO of Mending Fences, LLC and has served in this compacity since 2007. She supports and directs all Mending Fences daily operations.  Her educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Grand Valley State University and a master’s degree in education from University of Phoenix, administration and supervision. She holds a Virginia postgraduate professional teaching license with an endorsement in serve disabilities, K-12. Since 2003, Marian has been an Administrator, Exceptional Education Teacher, Vocational Specialist, and IEP Coordinator in the public-school setting, private day and various nonprofit organizations as well as serving on the Multi-Disciplinary Team for Henrico County. She has dedicated herself to becoming a life-long educator and learner.  As an educational leader and advocate, Marian volunteers over 200 hours annually, helping families with life skills that are both practical and beneficial in their daily lives. Most recently, Marian and her business partner opened Stemtree of Midlothian, an Education Center which focuses on science, technology, and engineering aligning with today’s nationwide emphasis on STEM.  Marian continues to serve her community by sitting on Child Savers Community Board, as well having affiliations with several community organizations.