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Zachary S. Branch


A Richmond native, Zachary Branch has dedicated his life to family, youth and community programming. His service has assured that all children in the Richmond and Tri-city area are introduced to quality programs and become productive citizens. As a former Richmond Public School Teacher, Qualified Mental Health Professional, Football Coach, Mentor, Motivational Speaker, and a Conflict Resolution/Peer Meditation Counselor he has redirected many children to perform and excel academically and socially in school and at home. As a teacher he created a curriculum (R.Y.A.N.’S Legacy, LLC. Mentoring) which empowers students to have a sense of ownership and a desire to learn academically and socially. He has been working successfully with families, youth development and consulting in Richmond and Tri-city area for over 22 years.

Zachary Branch has created programs in the field of lifre enrichment, such as, teen advisory, chess clubs, martial arts, physical fitness/youth sports, and family empowerment workshops. Currently, Mr. Branch serves on the Optima Family Health Care Advisory panel, Board 90 basketball officials executive board, Cedar St. Baptist Church youth ministry, security ministry, men and couple’s ministries.